present days

 The building just lightly remind 100 year old object after complete reconstruction. It was significantly ruined because of time and weather. We decided to reconstruct the house because of its history, its todays name "Na Skle Maľované" is not just luck.

Mrs. Emília Štercová - Fronková was born and worked in this house. She is famous by translation of popular musical, which is very famous in our country. The musical Na Skle Maľované originates in Poland by poet Ernest Bryll and music composer Katarzyna Gärtnerova. Its world premiere was held in Warsaw in 1970. More famous version to us was remade by Karol Zachar and had premiere 19.10.1974. This was much better than Polish original, that is confirmedby number of 664 reprises.

Our native carefully set the story of "outlaw musical" to wonderfull Tatras region, which together with folk vocabulary of performers and lovely lyrical songs portrayts character of our region in detail.